Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Professionalization Forces Another Blogger Offline

I might have to let this blog float away into the aether pretty soon; apologies to loyal readers, but trying to write a blog that's accountable in a professional way sort of defeats the point of having a blog at all (for me, at least).

So, look for my future work in obscure academic journals full of platitudinous, eminently safe phrases about revolution and justice and rebellion and progress and "the new left" or whatever.

Years later, if all goes well, look for my Camille-Paglia-like inflammatory post-academia column in the N Y Times (and syndicates).


Richard said...

I'd be sorry to see you go, Casey; I enjoy your philosophical musings. But I know what you mean about the effort needed to keep these things going, and "accountable"...

Daniel said...

You could have a "private" blog for invitation only to avoid accountability. Just saying.

What ever you do, don't charge your boosters 1200 a year for it like Franccione.