Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Parallel Universes Exist! -- Parallel Scientists, However, Disagree

Read this quickly. Remember when "Science" was distinct from "Science-fiction?" My recent post on the need for science to undergo its own reformation, to discover its own Martin Luther, seems more and more vindicated by the minute.

I'm inventing a new tag that signifies the start of a new category on this blog: "I'm-so-sure."


Cathy said...

I've often wondered if this explains prescience - premonitions - the eerie circumstances when people know with certainty that they will die - in car wrecks, battle fields. I read in Discover Magazine a few years ago that one of these theorists at Oxford was actually nervous about leaving his apartment. He has to fight obsessing about how his actions might affect the other 'hims' in other universes.

Regarding the corruptive influence of money, grants, fame on scientists - your hope for reformation - my son, the astronomer, has gone from youthful fascination to jaded cynicism. He has contributed to the body of scientific knowledge - yep, actually was quoted in Discover magazine, but oh my - how he would agree with your concerns.

Like you, he is highly doubtful about the claims of human caused global warming and like you I want to be around long enough to see these lemmings chattering about the advancing glaciers.

(These have been provocative posts, Casey. I apologize for being long-winded. Hope all is well with you.)

Casey said...

Thanks, Cathy. And all's great! Thanks for dropping by...