Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Phantom Blog from the Past

When I disassembled my first blog, which was an experiment in thinking named after Herman Melville's novel, Mardi, or, A Voyage Thither, it had a Google Page Rank of 5/10 and was getting something like 60 visits a day. Now, it turns out, some traffic-hungry sychophant (i.e., enterprising entrepreneur) has slid into my former slot without so much as a tip of the cap in my direction! And as if that weren't enough, he or she has had the gall to attemp to retain some of my former readers (note the links in the left column: "Web Pages Referring to This Page"). Worst of all, this remainder blog has silly posts that are presumably unworthy of the traffic that my writing initially attracted to that web address.

Anyway, to check out this suspicious phantom blog, still titled A Voyage Thither, click here.

Oh well, "voyaging thither" is so last year.


Wishydig said...

weak. lame.

Do you remember that I asked you several months ago if you were still using that URL? I had seen the template sitting there saying "A Voyage Thither" and "casey" was listed as the author.

Does the pirate really think the current posts pass for the original? There was a post dedicated to affordable vacations in Hawaii for goodness' sake.

If it isn't an automated "spamblog" (spog? splog? splag?) the writer should be quite embarrassed.

(I would say you mean disassembled, but in addition to "misrepresent" dissemble has a meaning of "conceal" and an obselete meaning of "ignore" or "discard". It is also possible to say that after you dissembled the old blog by concealing and discarding this new writer began dissembling it in another sense--by pretending that it is something other than it is. One obsolete use would construct a sentence as "This new writer is dissembling himself 'Casey'")

Casey said...

I thought about that "dissemble" dilemma, Michael. I'll change it... I didn't know that, and couldn't figure it out with a one-click search of Google. Thanks.

Wishydig said...

No no no...your use of it was rich and feasible.

By the way--I posted on this. I'm almost certain this is a "splogger" that took over. Did you look at her profile? Looks like several blogs fell victim.

Casey said...

I did look -- It's bizarre. Those aren't just your everyday disfluencies, are they?

Wishydig said...

It must be a program.