Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2012 Nears

I quite like this, despite its horrendously disappointing web address (

If it seems like I'm talking a wee British, it's because the season finale of Derren Brown's Mind Control was on Sci-Fi tonight. Look it up for yourself.


Insignificant Wrangler said...

Could those changes to our psyche be connected to new communicative mediums....?

Anonymous said...

That didn't really answer any questions...but the graphics were cool.

Anonymous said...

What impact will 2012 have on the physical world?

Casey said...

Santeezeee... Could be. I'd like to see "connected" explained a little better. Are changes to our psyche the cause or the effect of new communicative mediums. Also, how plastic is the brain? Can it completely change its structure in two generations, or are there restrictive "shapes" to it -- because media does seem to change every generation (though certainly more and faster in the past couple decades).

Brian, concerning the impact of 2012: see Hebrews, chapter 9, in your local New Testament.