Monday, June 11, 2007

From the Archives

On Communication

In the past, you were always trying to explain something to me, and you were almost invariably wise and articulate, but I was deaf.

Now, in my memories of the past, you are always patiently explaining something to me and I am hearing you, but you are struggling with words--there is wisdom on your brow, but I cannot quite understand your meaning.

In my imagination, we sit down in the future with a glass of red wine in early autumn, after the sunset, near water or a fire (or both), and I am perfectly prepared to listen--but something happens when I think of the future. In front of that campfire, with the past behind us, we will have forgotten why we have met in mid October; you will have nothing to say. And it is a good thing, because I fear I will be distracted by the irregular crackle of dry wood.


Anonymous said...

2012--we start talking again...and by that I mean that in 2007 we start talking and in 2012 some people start listening?

Casey said...

Anonymous said...

How do you spell cockamamie?