Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Recovery Post

To overcome the cynicism bred by the Prayer-Mat-Letter (see below), I need to post this, from wikipedia's page on G.I. Gurdjieff's Fourth Way; Gurdjieff was one of those almost-forgotten 20th century mystics. This is how he suggests we recognize the false prophets:
Fake Schools

Gurdjieff indicated that there are many fake schools where the leader of the organization either:

1. Honestly believes that he knows something, when in fact he doesn't
2. He maybe believes another man who is mistaken
3. He is purposely tricking others

Numbers 1 & 2 seem forgivable. And since I'm relying on Gurdjieff to rescue me from skeptical withdrawl, he deserves to be summarized:
Gurdjieff taught that humans are not born with a soul. Rather, a man must create a soul through the course of his life. Otherwise, Gurdjieff taught that a man will "die like a dog." He also taught that the ordinary waking consciousness of human beings was not consciousness at all but merely a form of sleep and that higher levels of consciousness were possible.

See also: Gurdjieff's aphorisms (for the author of The Tr-th Cave, mostly)

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